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Parenting a child with Asperger's syndrome?

Learn successful strategies
from one who has gone before you.

You want a self-assured, confident son or daughter.
Let me tell you how that might be possible.


"When Shannon was diagnosed with Asperger's, the evaluators told me they were amazed at her poise and self-confidence. 

"Learn the parenting secrets that brought her to the great self-confidence level she has today!"



Nurturing Your Asperger's Child

by Phyllis Wheeler

An e-book from a mom of two Asperger's kids--updated for 2012!

Phyllis Wheeler

From: Phyllis Wheeler

Dear friends,


I am a writer and mother of four, including a girl now 24 and a boy now 19 with Asperger's Syndrome. It has been 13 years now since my daughter was diagnosed with Asperger's.

These were years during which I dug out lots of information and set up various parenting structures and strategies in our household. 

These strategies are effective! When Shannon was diagnosed with Asperger's, the evaluators told me they were amazed at her poise and self-confidence. 

Learn the parenting secrets that brought her to the great self-confidence level she has today!

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A friend of mine urged me to write a book to provide others in the same position with some mentoring. That book is now available--40 pages of what I have learned and pondered over these past years.

Not only do I have the experience of parenting two Aspies, but I have a brother with classic autism who didn't speak until he was five years old. 

But speak he did, and I tell you my parents' strategies for him! 

He is now working at a job he found himself on the open job market, and living on his own.

Envision putting your child on the road to a successful outcome like his.

Your child with Asperger's may have social difficulties as well as a wide range of learning challenges. Your child is not alone; experts are estimating that one in 150 American kids has Asperger's or another form of autism. That means that there is at least one such child in every school—and in many homeschools.

The e-book contains useful suggestions on how to parent your Aspie, including:

  • our “point system”
  • our chore chart
  • the rubber chicken game
  • social skills coaching
  • dealing with bullies
  • when to consider homeschooling, and when not to
  • and plenty of recommendations for further reading. 

Above all I believe in encouraging your child—finding his strong points, and giving him a sense of competence from an early age.


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Here's what others are saying:

The information in your news letter and book are very helpful. My 14 year old granddaughter C. has been diagnosed with Asperger's and is taking Abilify and other drugs.--John M., Tennessee



From Maggie McCormick of Hemet, California:

We LOVE your book. It was instrumental in helping my husband deal with a lot of issues that our son was having and he as a dad, just couldn't understand or accept.  Because of how you explained things, my husband changed how he accepted our son, and for that, I am forever in your debt! 

I'm going to go through and write up a review so that everyone else will
know how good your book is, but I also want my husband to write up a review from a dad's point of view.  It's SO important that the other dads out there know that they are not alone out there either."


From her review:

Written by a Christian mom of two Aspergers Children, Phyllis Wheeler really knows – first hand – what works, and what doesn’t work for our kids.  She’s been where we are now – from the discovery that our child is different to raising and teaching them through adult hood. 

This author isn’t a Dr telling us what “we should be doing”.  Nor is she just beginning out on the journey with an Aspergers Child.  She’s been there and done that!  She’s got Experience and experience is the BEST teacher.  She shares real examples with real solutions – what a breath of fresh air!


Dr. Dashini Dissanayake from Sri Lanka, who has a young relative with Asperger’s:

“It’s so easy to find medication for Aspergers, but no one offered me the social skills training like you did. You pointed me in the right direction.

"Before, I could never get him (the boy with Asperger’s) to read more than 2 pages of a story book. But yesterday he read ten.  He also remembered to do his chores when I forgot about them!


"And all his improvement is thanks to you. If you hadn't guided me in the right direction, I don't think I would have achieved this much."



From Donna Conner:

Phyllis Wheeler's book Nurturing Your Asperger's Child is a helpful and yet an easy read. She gives nuts & bolts-type help along with her own family's story. Mrs. Wheeler covers a lot of ground quite well in a few pages. She also provides a wonderful resource list broken down to various issues pertaining to those with Asperger's. She shares & explains her own family's chore charts, which really does give one a concrete idea of how to implement a plan of action to help one's Aspie gain structure and yet be trained in day-to-day living. I can wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful resource:  the personal story of one family. --Donna Conner

Author, Homeschooling Only One


 Your book is excellent. You will help a lot of people with your experiences and insights. You were right on the mark. On a personal note--your book helped me with my son yesterday! He really needed a back massage and I wouldn't have thought about doing it without reading your book. I'm glad that you wrote the book!--Sherry S., St. Louis, Missouri



Hello!  My name is Valerie L. Richey, MD, ND and I have two children on the autism spectrum.


As a physician and as a mother, I read “Nurturing Your Asperger’s Child” with great interest.  I was wondering what Phyllis Wheeler could tell me about autism that I did not already know as a doctor and as a parent! 


Well, I found this ebook absolutely intriguing!  It was so encouraging to hear another mother relate her thoughts and feelings about her journey with autism in her family.  She also provides such useful and practical advice about a variety of subjects from playing, social coaching, schooling, digestion issues, attachment issues, Aspie adults, and much more!  They do not teach this stuff in medical school!


Immediately after reading her ebook, I started a similar point system and chore chart with my children with terrific results!  Now, I am on my way to find a rubber chicken!!  (You just have to read this ebook to find out about the rubber chicken!!)


Anyway, I highly recommend this ebook to anyone with autism in their home and family.


Valerie L. Richey, MD, ND


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I read your book today on nurturing your Aspergers child, and I loved it!  It's just like a river of hope.  --Wendy Adrian, St. Louis, Missouri


From Lynda Coats: 
Drawing on her experience with her own sibling and her children, Phyllis Wheeler's new book Nurturing Your Asperger's Child offers a wealth of information, ideas from a different perspective, and hope for those who love those with this disorder. It is a short, easy read, and could prove extremely valuable to those dealing with a child with Asperger's.

Though written for the parents, this book can be helpful to anyone who is close to an Asperger's child or young adult in any capacity.As a teacher with an Aspie in mainstream classes, I would especially recommend it to teachers, Sunday School teachers, youth workers, and even friends of teens or adults with Asperger's. It has helped me and my students in understanding the person and helping him overcome difficulties to achieve maximum potential. 

Lynda Coats, Author of Far Above Rubies and Blessed Is the Man


My name is Deborah Lee, and I would like to let you in on a some of the wonderful things I know about Phyllis Wheeler.  I have known Phyllis for eleven years.  For over half of those years, I have been a private music teacher for three of her children at various times and on various instruments.  While working with her kids, I have observed much about her family and her diligent work as a parent. 


Phyllis has four children - two who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Both of these children have studied piano with me and I have had the opportunity to be in their home on a weekly basis and to watch them grow.  Over the years, I have seen significant growth and improvements in both of her Asperger children.  Some amazing transformations have been made in the area of socialization alone.  Phyllis has worked hard to learn all she can about Asperger’s so that she can be a better parent for her children and to prepare them for adult life.  She run’s her house like a well-oiled machine – although I’m not sure she feels that way from her side of the fence.  She works diligently to create a routine for her children and all of their activities.  This is not an easy task for her since her three sons are triplets.  She has maintained this routine even though her kids have been divided between different schools and homeschooling.  I personally am amazed at how she gets it all done.


Of course, being able to get things done doesn’t guarantee success when you are raising an Asperger’s child – much less with two.  Phyllis puts a lot of energy into her kids and she loves them well.  She spends time connecting with others who are dealing with the same issues, researching everything she can about any aspect of Asperger's so that she can find any little thing to give her understanding of the disease and how she can help build a strong foundation for her children.


I encouraged Phyllis to write this book.  She has so much to offer other families who are living with the day-to-day struggles she has faced.  Apart from knowledge and experience, she has a heart for this subject.  It is difficult to raise your child knowing that they may never be able to live completely without support.  She perseveres and does all that she can to give her children the stability they need within themselves. 


I encourage you to listen to what Phyllis has to say.  She doesn’t have the magic formula, because there isn’t one.  She is speaking from real life experience and a genuine concern to help others.  She is trustworthy in both her heart and her mind and she is a model of perseverance and unconditional love for her family.


Deborah Lee



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